Infinity Companions is a premiere companionship service for those who desire the best out of life. We have been known to introduce pageant winners, fashion models, graduates, exceptional students and successful career women to gentlemen who know what they want out of life. Our models will accompany you to an evening date, a business trip, a weekendgetaway or anything else that you want to make more enjoyable. We have accommodated many successful and refined clientele and can do the same for you. Our services are both discreet and confidential for the sake of all our clients. All of the dates are personally selected to ensure the needs of your specific event are met. Please remember that all of our Infinity Companions have a limited place in their schedule for appointments to ensure your date will be special for the two of you. We have high standards in terms of intelligence, beauty and charm for the women which we employ, which means you will always encounter the endearing, high quality woman you have come to expect with Infinity Companions.

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